Frequently Asked Questions


I have a domain already; can I transfer it to you and will it cost me anything?

We can manage the transfer for you and we will not charge you for this service.

I have a website already; can you take over and manage?

We pride ourselves for quality eCommerce solutions, we would not normally take over a solution developed elsewhere, however, please get in touch to discuss options.

What does Product Management include in some of the packages?

We take over the whole process of taking pictures, editing them, gathering information on descriptions, sizes and prices of each product for your business. We also upload them and then manage any changes that are required by you when requested.

Is it really FREE for 30 days, what’s the catch?

It is indeed absolutely free for 30 days. There is no catch. We will not ask you for any credit cards or bank details. We will build the online store to your satisfaction and host it free for 30 days. It will be a fully operational eCommerce site. There are however some paid modules that are not included in the trial period such as the social media login plugin, which can be discussed at the start of your trial if required.

Can I extend my trial?

Yes, you can extend your trial if you need more time. Just get in contact with our customer support team and we’ll give you the days you need.

Do I need my own web hosting?

No, Uncle Bob hosting provides a complete eCommerce platform, therefore all online stores are hosted by us within the package cost.

What is an SSL certificate and do I need it?

An SSL certificate is a key component for a safe, secure eCommerce site. Adding an SSL certificate will protect your business and boost customer confidence by safely encrypting your customers’ most sensitive data.

How do I take payment for sales I make through my shop?

We currently offer integration with Skrill and Paypal. You can set up your business accounts with both or either and we can integrate these into your online store very quickly. You also have the option to take payments offline, e.g. bank transfers, cash on delivery modules, etc.

What platform do you use to build and host websites?

We are using the market-leading PrestaShop platform to build our online stores. PrestaShop offers many great features and is used by over 300,000 merchants worldwide. We host your store on Amazon’s secure AWS cloud platform. The data centre for AWS is in London.

Can I upgrade and downgrade at any time?

Yes, you have the flexibility to go up or down as long as you are on a managed package. Get in contact with our Customer Services team and let us know your preference. If you are upgrading to a better package then you may have to pay the difference between your old and new package until the new month’s invoice.

Can I sell unlimited products and have unlimited sales volume on a self-managed plan?

Yes, there are no restrictions on sales volumes and the number of products listed on any of our plans.

Get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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Uncle Bob Hosting specialise in creating and managing complete eCommerce solutions for small businesses. Prices start at just £39.99 per month fully inclusive of domain registration, product management, development and hosting of your website. We can tailor the solution to your needs and have your business up and running online in 7 days. Get in touch with us to discuss and grow your business.

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